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Appointment booking software, or Trakmeets, is a digital tool or application that makes it easier to schedule and manage reservations for a range of events, such as meetings, consultations, services, and more. It makes scheduling appointments easier for companies as well as for their clients or customers.

The significant operational and customer satisfaction improvements brought about by appointment scheduling software improve the overall productivity and profitability of companies in a variety of industries.

Examining a range of operational and customer interaction factors is necessary to determine whether your company would profit from appointment booking software. The following are some signs that your company could profit from using appointment booking software: increasing appointment volume, high rate of no-shows or cancellations, limited staff availability, customer demand for online booking, difficulty in managing multiple locations or services, need for efficiency and streamlining operations, customer complaints or frustrations, and difficulty in tracking and analysing appointment data.

As soon as the customer books his appointment from the appointment booking app, a notification is auto-sent to the service provider app and the admin panel, from where they can choose to confirm or deny the booking.

The businesses have two options: transfer the money to the customer’s account or refund it to their in-app wallet for use in a later service.

Yes, appointment booking software solutions are user-friendly, with options for customization such as branded booking pages, a variety of service offerings, and adaptable scheduling preferences.

Yes, the software integrates with calendars to ensure synchronisation and the avoidance of double bookings. When appointments are scheduled, modified, or cancelled, real-time updates occur.

Appointment booking software allows businesses to manage multiple staff members or resources by assigning appointments based on availability and expertise.

Appointment booking software helps businesses manage multiple staff members or resources by assigning appointments based on availability and expertise.

Yes, by handling sensitive client information in accordance with data protection regulations and industry standards, appointment booking software ensures data security.

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