The whole text mentioned below in the different points is applicable to users present worldwide getting services offered by Trakmeets. Please read the points of our terms of use policy carefully.


This website and services are owned exclusively by us which is a non-exclusive and non-transferable license that can only be used on a single website. Any use of the Sites or text other than specified here, without our prior written permission, is prohibited. If it happens we will terminate the granted license. These unauthorized practices also violate laws that may cover the copyright and trademark laws, etc.

Intellectual Property

Trakmeets does not give any authority for Copyright and accomplished under intellectual property law. Any stuff from the site shall not be used without the permission of the concerned team for profitable or nonprofitable motives. Copying of software, logo, content, pictures, videos, graphics, etc are illegal and is a punishable act.

Fees and Payment

To get the online services, users need to pat Trakmeets all the due payments as per the terms & conditions written while signing the affidavit. The services commence after making full payments. By offering a payment method, you automatically authorized Trakmeets to charge the applicable cost of services that may include taxes, overage fees on different time spans as mentioned in the Terms & Conditions. We will renew and charge as per your selected plan. The payments made are non-refundable but we may consider a request under certain circumstances.

Scheduling Online Appointments

To schedule an appointment through the online software, the user must enter the required information as requested through the appointment booking services. If any services provided by our appointment booking software is similar to your business that you can provide to your users to schedule an appointment, you must create an account or sign-in to get access to your whole business remotely. Regarding any queries, you may have about your bookings that need to fabricate, any alterations or cancellations regarding the mentioned services, you can directly Contact Us.


We may send occasional emails on your registered email address notifying you about the product, upgrades, price changes, transactions, term expiration, and any changes in our terms and conditions. We enable you to contact us through emails, text messages, etc.

Maintenance & Support

The authorized user is entitled to get the full technical support as per the selected support plans. In case of any difficulty, while operating things, you can avail assistance by contacting our services through our website or email. The infringement of this term may result in the termination of user license and additional support.

Our Customer Bases

Currently, our delivery management software is helping hundreds of businesses around the globe.

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