Privacy Policy

Trakmeets is owned and operated by MSS Tech India Private Limited, Office No. 7th Floor, SEBIZ Square Building, Sector-67, IT Park Mohali, Punjab, INDIA. India. We acknowledge the significance of the privacy of your information and to guarantee that we implement the best privacy disciplines. Please read the points of our privacy policy carefully.

Information Collected

We do not gather any information from visitors to Though, the in-built functions do track the number of visitors so it may collect their IP addresses just for analytics purposes. We never insist or force any visitor to fill any information, it’s his/her wish to register just to know about certain services we provide.

Traffic Data

Whoever comes to visit our online solution, we collect their IP addresses just to know the purpose of their visit and to record the total traffic on our website. Internet Protocol (IP) address is a unique numeric address that is assigned to every online system to get Internet services by the Internet Service Provider (ISP). An IP address carries no personal information of the user and is just an identification of a system, not a visitor. It never shares or shows any information about the OS (Operating System), platforms, browser, etc. Therefore, they remain anonymous, unless the users share their information for a reason.

Account Information & Information Use

A visitor needs to share their personal information like name, email address, phone number, website, the business name, which is imperative while registering their business or to get online services. All the shared information is kept confident and safe in the web server which can never be hampered or used for any personal use of our company.

A visitor may add supplementary information of a confidential nature like financial particulars when he/she is ready to get service(s) from us. The information regarding financial details will be maintained in the highly protected web server and will only be shared with the respective payment gateways for the transaction purpose. The financial details would never be misused, shared, or meddled for any personal interest or any other purpose.

Under any circumstances, Trakmeets does not share your personal information or financial details of its users with any 3rd party entity. The privacy of your business is of paramount importance to us. However, we are subject to share any kind of information related to your business, etc if needed by the law or for any litigation process that may include an inquiry, legal procedure or other law processes.


Trakmeets makes use of "Cookies", which include information concerning your stay time, browsing history, and your web session with us. After logout the session, cookies will expire and lose its authority to get access to the above-mentioned information. Visitors may disable cookies while browsing the services that may affect the web session time.


Our simple and effective tools help to provide safety to our users’ data. Whether the shared information by the visitor is personal or professional, we use the best measures and practices at our server to protect it.

While registering on our website to get the information or to get the services, one needs to enter their basic information in the registration form such as - name, mobile number, email address, and business sphere. To get the detailed services, it may ask for the financial details. All the information entered in our system is protected through our server that uses SSL 128-bit encryption. The confidential data remains safe even offline too. The sensitive data has limited access to the people who need it to do the official work such as- to make an invoice or for payment purposes.

If you have any kind of doubt or wanted to discuss anything regarding the privacy policy, you can discuss it with the Trakmeets team. We will love to answer your queries.

Maintaining Personal Information

An authorized user can update/alter/delete/ their mentioned information from the page after sign-in. Contact Us, if you have any issue or unknown thing regarding maintaining or changing information.

Privacy Policy Changes

We will publish and mention our new or modified privacy policy on this page stating the effective immediate date if we feel the need to change it. The users and visitors will not individually be informed prior to the same. However, the changed policies will be intimated through our newsletters or website.

If the altered policy hampers with the terms and conditions, all users will be aptly notified through our website at least 30 days prior to the implementation of modifications.

Our Customer Bases

Currently, our delivery management software is helping hundreds of businesses around the globe.

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